Our straight Egyptian horses' first and second generation ancestors include Bint Magidaa, Farazdac, Moniet El Sharaf, Morafic,Nabiel, Ramses Fayek, Ruminaja Ali,  Shaikh Al Badi, Simeon Shai, Theegyptianprince, The Minstril, Thee Desperado, Tuthotmos, AK Shah Moniet, Sultan, Alidaar, Norus, Princeton Faaris,  Ansata Ibn Halima, Shamruk, Ruminaja Fayez, Makhnificent KA, Makhsous, Imperial Al Kamar and other notable straight Egyptian horses. 
                           to Ramses Arabians: the Texas source for outstanding straight Egyptian and purebred black Arabian horses.  Although we specialize in breeding top quality black Arabian horses that compare and can compete with all Arabian horses, we also have many fine bays, chestnuts, and greys.  Our blacks are not "just black."  Careful breeding choices are producing blacks with pretty, dishy heads, large eyes, great length of neck and legs, correct conformation, and excellent movement.  Their black color is just a bonus!
Ramses Arabians - offering black Arabian stallions at stud
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Ramses Black Magnum
Ramses Karizma Faaris
We breed and offer beautiful, sound, black and other Arabian horses that can succeed in the show ring, from halter to English and the other disciplines, as well as endurance, trail, pleasure and breeding.   Our horses come from the bloodlines of the finest straight Egyptian and purebred Arabian farms that have spend decades selectively breeding superior Arabian horses.
If you are searching for a classic black Arabian horse or other Arabian horse, we invite you to look at our web site.  It contains a large selection of outstanding black and other Arabian horses.  You are also welcome to visit our farm conveniently located just north of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.  The Testimonials page will attest to our Purchasers' satisfaction.
Ramses Black Magnum
Ramses Nero
Ramses Desperado
Soudan Al Badi
Coal Bey
Our purebred horses first and second generation ancestors include   Magnum Psyche, Padron, Padrons Psyche, Bask, Bey Shah, Echo Magnifficoo, Magic Dream, Brass, Mishaah, Padrons Mahogany, Matoi, Hucklebey Berry, Negatraz, Wisdom, Ali Jamaal, Alada Baskin, JDM Rain Dance, Aladdinn, NV Beau Bay, Gdansk, Zodiac Matador, Apollopalooza, Dream Quest, Muscat, Bay El Bey, Khemosabi, and many other outstanding Arabian horses.
Straight Egyptian Arabians:
Purebred Arabians:
Ramses El Bizan
The Rumor